Thursday, September 12, 2013

Buy The Book Cafe, Daegu, South Korea

Falling in bookstore love again/what am I to do?/I can't help it/I was made that way...

It took some doing to find this place  -- a few false turns down crooked, crowded streets -- but as they point out on the back of their menu, if you *really* want to find them, you will!  The Spawn played Natty Bumpo to my directionless colonist.

Those are the steps.  No elevator.  Bookworm power!

The cover of the menu

So in love with the shabby chic, eclectic feel of the place.

The walls and ceiling have an industrial look to them.  I wonder what was up here before.

This painted up, broken down recliner flanked by  two kiddie chairs made me smile.

Piles of books -- a delicious mix of fiction and nonfiction.

I wanted to stretch out on this sofa and stay there all weekend.

The playfulness with colors, textures, objects and books made me feel so at home.

Menu board featuring the daily specials.  I think the woman behind the counter is Sandy, one of the owners.
I loved Buy The Book so much  that I was too shy to talk to her.  I know, but I was afraid I'd burble.

Sign hanging by the stairs on the way out.  If anyone steals from Buy The Book, I hope Karma messes with them more than twice!  How about fifteen times, and a trip down the stairs?

Buy The Book, thank you so much for existing.  I'll be back.  You're my reason to come to Daegu.


Care said...

Aw! A love letter to a bookstore. :)

jenclair said...

I'd love to visit! Thanks for sharing some of the delights of this ode to reading!

Vasilly said...

Buy the Book Cafe sounds like a place I would love to visit! I like the karma sign.

ivan said...

oh wow this is really awesome! i wish i could visit korea one day! they have the coolest and cutest cafes.

Susan said...

What a lovely book did you find your way out again? I'd have lost myself in the piles of books.....a tiny slice of book heaven, isn't it? So glad you have one there!