Saturday, October 13, 2012

Readathon Ready!

I'm ready to read, but how long I will last, I cannot say.  There's no nap in my backstory.  Blame it on the St. Louis Cardinals.  Like them, I'll dig deep and do my best.

My readathon reads are pictured above.  I hope to finish these 3 books before either the Readathon or I are finished.  If I get these books done, I'll find another one.  Call it the player to be named later.

Snacks?  Not for a long time.  The Spawn had a birthday, so I'm full up on cheesecake.

The abovementioned birthday boy also chose the order in which I'll be reading these books:
1. Dead End In Norvelt - Jack Gantos
2. Sounder - William H. Armstrong
3. Chocolat - Joanne Harris

Yikes, 8 minutes after the hour!  I need to make tracks, optical-style.