Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day To Me

Couldn't resist.  I ordered a copy of Alison Bechdel's latest graphic novel, Are You My Mother?  I'm a huge fan of Fun Home, and Bechdel's work in general.  "Fan" seems like the wrong word -- my feeling is more of a hushed admiration and awe.

The mother theme and Mother's Day approaching seemed to dovetail nicely, and I've always been about patting myself on the back for giving birth, even though it was nearly 3 decades ago.  Also, Are You My Mother? promises to be a richly layered treatment of a complex relationship.  Even better. Motherhood comes in all flavors and textures, and I'm not in a Marmee mood this year.

All the books I order from overseas fly to me, but I hope this one really flies.


fantsmacle said...

Happy mother's day. Though late. I have never heard of Allison Bechdel. What is her writing usually about? Family?

Bybee said...

She's a graphic novelist. Her work is the perfect balance of graphic and novel. Try to find a copy of Fun Home, which is about her early life with her family, particularly her father, who was a complex man.

Bybee said...
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Jenny said...

I loved Fun Home. I'll really look forward to your thoughts about this one, and if you like it, maybe I'll get it.