Friday, March 04, 2011

Canadian Reading Challenge: Me Write Book: It Bigfoot Memoir

This graphic novel? picture book? by Graham Roumieu is a delightfully and grubbily illustrated no-holds-barred memoir written in Biglish (Bigfoot English) is so much fun. Nasty, silly, profane, a gross-out fest, an encyclopedia of yuck -- I can't praise it highly enough.
Bigfoot tries hard to get by in the world and be a "forest gentleman" but the world often makes him "angry like Henry Rollins". One of his few human friends, Chet, compares himself and Bigfoot to Han Solo and Chewbacca. Bad move, Chet:
I wake up next day with Chet scalp in mouth. Seriously, I not Chewbacca. Dude.
In Japan, he dons a mawashi and sumo wrestles wild animals:
Not want to toot own horn or anything, but I really good. I Harlem Globe Trotter of Sumo. Tear head off puma, throw head in garbage can 50 feet away and pretend play rest of body like guitar...walk down street everybody whisper: 'Bigfroot! Bigfroot!'

He readily admits that his luck with women isn't too great: Most of them run away, a few haul out the pepper spray, but Worst is when they do silent scream and vomit trickle down chin like hot fudge on sundae.

Even on the bad days, Bigfoot can always take comfort and pride in being one of a kind:
. very proud of being on endangered species list because of all privalege of being in exclusive club. Some day, I just pick up phone, call Black Rhino and shoot the shit. I can even use the word rhino and shoot in same sentence and nobody think twice. Crazy! I get away with murder cause everyone think I fragile since I last of kind and so on.

Of course, the downside of being a rarity is that Bigfoot also attracts a lot of poachers. A safari hunter who had a yen for Bigfoot's organs stalked him and studied his habits. Learning of Bigfoot's love for Count Chocula cereal, he hid in the refrigerator, disguised as a carton of milk.
Unfortunately, for the hunter, Bigfoot had just decided to go on a low-carb diet:
. no Chocula. Man freeze to death in fridge. Bigfoot also have cirrhosis at time so it convenient for me use him for liver transplant donor. Bigfoot enjoy irony.

Blame it on the compost smell or maybe that family of voles nesting in his armpit, but I find him pretty damn irresistable, and can't wait to read his follow-up memoir, Bigfoot: I Not Dead.


fantsmacle said...

This looks hilarious. I will have to read this during one of those long nights this summer.

Bybee said...

Mike gave it to me. I love it and he says the sequel is even better! Thanks for your sweet hanbok note. You're so kind that you make it difficult for me to hold my pout about you leaving.

Susan said...

Love the sound of this one! My other friend Susan often jokes that she is like Sasquatch or Bigfoot of the woods....I might have to give this to her for a joke present for her birthday! It sounds like how we talk after a week in the woods far from civilization.....