Friday, April 23, 2010

1930s Challenge

Nymeth has come up with a beaut of a challenge -- read books that were written in the 1930s or take place during the 30s. Here's her plan:

Three months (April 18th – July 18th);
You’d only need to read a minimum of one book, though you’d of course be welcome to read more than one;
No need for a sign-up post or a reading list;
Just enter your name, read your book(s), and then come back and leave
Nymeth a link to your post about what you’ve read.

I am definitely in. The 1930s part piqued my interest and the gorgeous button above clinched the deal. It blew my wig, to use a bit of slang from the era. A little worried that I wouldn't have anything suitable on hand, I went home and studied my shelves fiercely. There's a nice little pile there!

Books written and originally published during the 1930s:

1931 Susan Spray - Sheila Kaye-Smith. I bought this because I couldn't resist a title with my name in it.

1932 Cold Comfort Farm - Stella Gibbons. City girl meets her nutty country relatives. Who could pass that up?

1932 Mutiny on The Bounty - Nordhoff and Hall. My friend Bronson, who reviewed the Pete Duel biography in a posting last year sent me this book.

1934 Tender Is The Night - F. Scott Fitzgerald. I was feeling cantankerous when I bought this book. Everyone else was racing to watch or read Benjamin Button and I was feeling the Fitzgerald love too, but I just couldn't go with the crowd.

1935 It Can't Happen Here - Sinclair Lewis. Gotta lotta Lewis love.

1935 BUtterfield 8 - John O'Hara. After being dazzled by another great 1930s novel, Appointment In Samarra, I wanted to read O'Hara's follow-up.

1937 The Road To Oxiana - Robert Byron. My friend and fellow CRACKED SPINZ bookworm Alex loaned me this book.

1937 The Late George Apley - John P. Marquand. One from the Pulitzer pile. I remember the rush I had when I found this under a huge dusty stack of books at the used bookstore in my hometown and it only cost 54 cents!

1938 Thimble Summer - Elizabeth Enright. This children's literature is a gift from my friend and fearless BOOKLEAVES leader, Veronica. She also included a cute bookmark from her trip to Boracay.

1939 Johnny Got His Gun - Dalton Trumbo. This novel was so incredibly ahead of its time.

Also, I have a book set in the 1930s:

Out Of The Dust - Karen Hesse. 1998 Newbery Award winner. This copy has an interview with Hesse, the text of her Newbery Medal acceptance speech, Depression-era photographs, a recipe for homemade applesauce and a cultural capsule of what life was like in 1934, when this novel takes place.

Since this challenge started almost a week ago, I need to shake a leg and get started. I may miss out on some doss or get behind the grind but this is too swell to pass up. So what's your story, morning glory? Are you in or out? Abyssinia!


Hannah Stoneham said...

I am so looking forward to this challenge. To anyone who would like to read *about* the 1930s as a side project - I totally recommend Juliet Gardiner's recent social history book "The Thirties, an intimate biography"

What a great list - thanks indeed for sharing


Jenny said...

Oooh! I love several of the books you've listed. I'm a huge Elizabeth Enright fan. Can't wait to see what you enjoy most!

Jenny said...

Oh, and p.s.: In your library loot post, you said you'd never read a genre western before. Don't you count Lonesome Dove? I would, myself. It transcends that genre but also definitely takes part in it.

Shelley said...

I'm in and I love your choices. Cold Comfort Farm is very entertaining!

Bybee said...

The Gardiner book sounds great -- a perfect addition to the list.

I meant that I'd never read a western that was firmly classified in that genre like Louis L'Amour or Zane Grey or some of the others that would be in the western section at the library. I agree with your comments about Lonesome Dove.

That's great that you're in. I'm looking forward to Cold Comfort Farm.

Kathy said...

Out of the Dust is one of the books I most often put into the hands of my young customers in the Children's section at Borders. I love it; they loved it. My favorite pages were the ones about the piano. Turn the book sideways. Gives me chills. Her Music of the Dolphins is also incredible.
Do read Maniac Magee and The Westing Game. That was a great list!
Pulling out my copy of Cold Comfort Farm

Eva said...

I'm joining in too! I've got my list, I just need to make it all formatted and pretty for my blog. lol

joemmama said...

Love the 30's but no challenges for this fluffy bookworm....the list looks like so much fun!

Unknown said...

Make sure you read Cold Comfort Farm, no matter what else happens. That book is so much fun.

Chrisbookarama said...

I want to read Cold Comfort Farm too but my library doesn't have it. :(