Friday, August 14, 2009

Building Canadian

My approach to the new Canadian Book Challenge is a little different this time -- I'm building a stack of Canadian reads and when I get a stack of 13 books by or about our neighbo(u)rs to the north, I'll plunge in and start reading. Sad to say, I'm almost two months late getting started; I'll have to read like hel...Halifax.

I slid my uber-sweaty feet into my snow boots just long enough to give myself a good kick for not attending to my northern bookpile while I was in the United States. There's no excuse for neglecting the Canadians; they were everywhere. My mom and I bonded by watching The Bachelorette on Mondays and I also tuned in to Jeopardy! every chance I got. One episode I saw even had a male contestant who was Canadian. (Forgot what province, sorry.)

Alex Trebek so wanted his fellow countryman to win. I was kind of pulling for the guy myself. When he went into the red after being too bold with his Daily Double wager, I groaned an epithet I picked up from my Canadian co-workers and Alex was overcome with patriotism, entreating him to "Stay positive! There are still plenty of clues on the board!" Unfortunately, it was not to be. The show ended with an American winning and poor Alex looked like he had a lump in his throat the size of a hockey puck.

Ever since returning to Korea, I feel you again, Canada. I have 7 books in the challenge pile so far. I've been scanning my library's shelves for Canadian reading, but no joy. When I get paid, I'll most likely go oout, fortify myself with some poutine and seize the remaining 6 so I can get finally get started on this challenge before the snow flies.

The Pile (so far):
1. Oryx and Crake - Margaret Atwood
2. A Mixture Of Frailties - Robertson Davies
3. The Diviners - Margaret Laurence
4. Among The Shadows - L.M. Montgomery
5. Divisadero - Michael Ondaatje
6. The Tenderness Of Wolves - Steph Penney
7. Gone To An Aunt's: Remembering Canada's Homes for Unwed Mothers - Anne Petrie

I'm a slacker but I've got spirit, eh?


Jenny said...

What a wonderful list! I've only read Oryx and Crake from it (not my favorite Atwood, but still very very good.) I really look forward to your reviews! The one about the homes for unwed mothers looks very interesting.

Booklogged said...

I'd say you have a lot of Canadian spirit. I'm just thrilled that I know what poutine is.

Susan said...

MMMM Poutine. I haven't had any in so long! And I work in Quebec ( I live in Ontario), bad me! I'm so happy you have The Diviners to read!! Oh joy! I haven't read any of the others yet. But I like your brave heart in waiting to start reading until you have all 13!

Bookfool said...

Dying to read Divisadero!! But, not willing to buy a copy. How ridiculous is that? I almost bought it, once, and the cover was so awful that I put it down . . . then proceeded to buy a book with a beautiful cover that, honestly, does not interest me at all. I've been kicking myself, ever since. Very painful.

Oryx and Crake is on my piles. I'm hoping to get to it soon. Soon being "before I die".

Carrie K said...

Oryx & Crake, Tenderness of Wolves are in my piles. I really need to read the rest of Robertson Davies too, I loved what I've read.

Save up and then read them all at once? Hmm. Nice plan to have. ;)

Anonymous said...

not to hijack your post or anything, but alex sometimes aggravates me with his smugness--i feel so horrible for saying it considering i LOVE jeopardy! when he's like, "ohhh, nooooo, sooooorrry..." i feel like he's not sorry at all! hhaha.. :)

i haven't read much in the way of canadian literature...i'll have to work on that! thanks for the friendly reminder.

Bybee said...

I'm impatient to start this challenge.

I'm lucky that I can get it over here.

I might start with The Diviners.

Divisadero's yours when I finish it. I don't think the cover's very good, though.

Carrie K,
Robertson Davies is a wonderful thing.

I think Alex is a little smug when there's a French word in the clue and the contestant says it with American pronunication and Alex re-pronounces it using exact French pronunciation. But I love him. And Jeopardy!

Sue F. said...

I loved The Diviners and the Tenderness of Wolves...will be curious to read your take on them! I may even read the Diviners again, since you have reminded me of it!

Framed said...

I didn't know there ws a Canadian Challenge. I guess I'm off the Challenge path. I really enjoyed "The Tenderness of Wolves" and have "Among the Shadows" on the shelf. I love Montgomery. Hmmm, wonder if I should break my challenge fast.