Saturday, April 18, 2009

Readathon Post 1

By my calculations, we're going into Hour 3.
Time to brag a little...I finished a book during the first hour - Slam by Nick Hornby. I bought it this morning for my son to read and devoured it whole this evening. That was totally unexpected.
During Hour 2, I got serious about my cheerleading duties. It's fun to see so many new people participating! I love to visit all the blogs and see what your reading stack looks like, as well as your snack stack. I wanted some shrimp-flavored chips for myself, but I couldn't find any. I'm having corn chips and a can of Lipton lemon-flavored tea.
It's getting on towards midnight in Korea. I'm in Seoul at a 24-hour internet cafe. Okay, back to cheerleading!


Stacy said...

Your's is the second Hornby book completed I have come across. Something tells me I am missing a good author from my read-a-thon stack. So cool to see the different time zones people are reading're coming up on midnight and the sun has risen where I am. Thank you for dropping by and happy reading today.

Sam said...

You're off to a quick start. Gotta love Hornby; I always plow through his books at a good clip and that says more about his talent than about my reading skills.

Lexie said...

my books are sort of listed on my laptop (and backed-up on my boyfriend's), but I buy books and trade them in so often that I don't keep a VERY accurate accounting until the end of the year when I re-organize again.

Ana S. said...

Oooh, I really want to read Slam!

Susan said...

Wow, at least you're doing something, I am once again on the sidelines.....but with two young kids I will pass until they are a little bit older.

How was Slam? One I haven't heard of by him! How do you like being a cheerleader?

*high five* from Canada!

myza said...

I read Slam a few months ago on a bus coming back from Istanbul - I loved it!

Hope the Read-A-Thon is going well for you!

Leslie said...

I have Slam in my offical read-a-thon bookstack too. I think it may have to be up next. So glad you decided to participate in any capacity. I've read your blog for years and I felt a little starstruck when I saw that you had left me a comment. Thanks!

Ali said...

I read Slam after getting it for my son, too! I ended up not giving it to him--he's only 12, and I decided he'd be better off waiting a couple years before reading it.

Thanks so much for stopping by to cheer me on yesterday!