Monday, March 30, 2009

Eventually, The New Will Wear Off

I really didn't mean to go to my library today, but I lost my attendance book and had to find it. Turns out I left it in the Administration building the day I got my faculty card. I was so giddy I walked out without it.

Relieved but still a little on edge, I decided to soothe my nerves with a trip to the building next door. Once I was in the stacks, I felt a little better. And if standing there looking at the shelves made me feel a little better, wouldn't taking some of what was on the shelves home with me get me all the way back to good?

Here's today's haul:

The Classic Era Of Crime Fiction - Peter Haining. Isn't it gorgeous? I couldn't resist. Damn, I miss coffee-table books!

Dr. Seuss: American Icon - Philip Nel. I would read it in a box/I would read it wearing socks.



The Moon And Sixpence - W. Somerset Maugham. I've been circling this novel for several years now. I'm under the impression I'll like it even better than I liked Of Human Bondage.


Dodsworth - Sinclair Lewis. He's a little out of style right now, but I'm just wild about Harry (his first name). When Jeopardy! periodically does a "Sinclair Lewis" category, I rule and the contestants drool. I was hoping to find It Can't Happen Here, but my library has only 3 copies of Dodsworth. That's okay; I haven't read it yet. After that, I'll check the DVD section and see if they have the 1936 movie version starring Walter Huston as the title character.


Anonymous said...

Looks like another great haul from the library. I need to get back to my library, I'm thinking of taking some pics of the Stratford library and doing a thing on my blog soon. I'm sure you'll enjoy our little library.

Jenny said...

I loved The Moon and Sixpence (though I did love Of Human Bondage even better.) What loot!

Susan said...

Bybee: seriously, you have forgotten the power of a book to leap off the shelf in the library, convinced you are going to read it, so you lug it home, only to find 3 weeks later that you just can't get to it and what were you thinking, anyway? Otherwise known as library lure. :-D

the new will never wear off!!! "It's shiny, look! I haven't read it yet!"