Sunday, October 19, 2008

Readathon Hours 23 and 24: Wrap-Up

By the time I get all of this typed in, it'll be 24 hours exactly. I spent the last bit of the Readathon reading the David Sedaris book.

Hour 23 page count: 23
Hour 24 page count: 60

I'll do my comprehensive total tomorrow when my fingers can manage the buttons on the calculator properly.

The essay about Sedaris, during a short airplane trip, accidentally coughing out his throat lozenge onto the crotch of the sleeping woman sitting next to him with whom he'd just had a fight about changing seats was classic. It reminded me of "Big Boy" from Me Talk Pretty One Day. In my mind's ear, I could hear echoes of James Thurber.

So that's my Readathon, and it was fun, but now I must go to bed before I get all cry-ish and/or psychotic on Mr. Bybee. Hard to say which one he'd hate more.



Anonymous said...

YAY good job!!

we have completed it! LOL! i mean u did it

it was insane..was fun…and AWESOME

Marg said...

Well done Bybee! You did a great job of both reading and commenting!

Anonymous said...

Clapping, clapping, oo and ah sounds from the crowd in admiration...

Lezlie said...

I think Sedaris is a great author to end on. The giggling keeps you awake. :-)

Sleep well!

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across your blog and found it very interesting that you spent 24 hours reading! I am SO JEALOUS! Perhaps this a luxury that I should aim for.

Maree said...

You've certainly earned a rest! Enjoy!