Saturday, October 18, 2008

Readathon Hour 2: Reading & Yawning

Where am I? I'm in my office. Why? That's where the computer is. What am I wearing? Knit slacks and my beloved Missouri Tigers sweatshirt (the same one I'm wearing in the blog photo). What's in my pockets? Cell phone and a bottle of Visine.

Since the Readathon started, I've been reading How Koreans Talk, which is lively and informative. I'll work something about it into my contest later on in the Readathon when I leave off reading and begin my cheerleading stint.

I'm already yawning, if you can believe that!
Why didn't I take a nap today?
Long story, but some of the blame goes to Season 1 of The Big Valley. Oh, Heath!
Time for coffee.

Page count:
Hour 1: 31 pages
Hour 2: 75 pages


MySharonAnne said...

Everyone is drinking coffee today. Maybe we will cause a coffee shortage.

Sarah said...

Once the coffee kicks in and you get over that first yawning hump, you will be a reading machine! (And you will love Sedaris's new book... hilarious!)

Anonymous said...

oh yea, GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!! Beatup that TX school that shall remain nameless (sort of)

tanabata said...

Since we're in the same time zone, it's now 4:50 AM. Are you sleeping?
If so, hopefully you'll wake up refreshed and read like crazy! :P
Go girl!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am drinking tea and still as tired as ever!