Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekly Geeks: Best

This week, Dewey has set us the geekish task of helping to compile a "best" list of books that we've read that were published in 2008. Guess what? Out of 75 books, I haven't read a single one that came out this year!

Annoyed sigh. Part of this I can blame on being an expat, but I also resolved back at the end of last year/the beginning of this year that I'd try to read more books published before the oh-ohs.

I guess I'll be visiting other blogs, enjoying your lists and getting good reading ideas for the future. But not being able to make a list of my own! I feel so unwashed, ungeekish.



Maree said...

Perfect excuse for an '08 wish list!

Anonymous said...

Oh I feel the same way. I didn't read a book that was published this year except for Janet Evanovich lol!

? said...

My dear blog friend, thanks for finding me through that trail. thanks for finding me through the trail. I'm glad I found someone who loves reading intelligible stuff, which will turn out fruitful in the mind.
See you again soon and all the best, until we blog again. .

Anonymous said...

The only 2008 books I read this year were all non-fiction,typically centered around current politics and the war. Maybe I should share them anyway but it just doesn't sound as nice as a nice list of new fiction :P

Joanne ♦ The Book Zombie said...

I haven't read much from 08 either, mainly because I'm always on the lookout for older books I may have missed. I'm still working on my wishlist and TBR pile from 2002 :)

Terri said...

Oh, but you still have three months to read an 08 book or two. Not that you're required geeky pressure!

raych said...

You'll always be geeky to me.

Dewey said...

Yes, I agree with Maree! You could tell everyone that what you really want for whatever winter holiday people give you gifts is some 2008 books! Are there winter holidays there? I feel so ignorant.

Eva said...

I have no clue if I've read any books published this year! Well, I must have, because I've been reviewing books all year. But I'm not patient enough to go check which ones count!

Personally, I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to newly released books, so I'd think that your Tough and Cool Inner Bookworm would be satisfied. :D

Bybee said...

Well, it would cheer me up to make some kind of list!

Glad to know I'm not the only one.

Red Eyes,
Thanks, and here's some Visine.

I noticed that there was a lot of those kind of books out...didn't feel compelled to buy any of them. I guess that's where a library would come in handy.

Book Zombie,
Yeah, me too...I'm always furiously hunting for some literary treasure I missed by inattention or being born too late.

It could happen. You never know.

Thanks, I feel better now!

I have been asked to present a list of books I'd like to have. There is Christmas here, but it's very low-key and only one day.

Yeah, part of me hates reading the shiny and brand-new, but I just hated not being able to participate in WG properly! Whine!

Susan said...

YAAY! Me too, I haven't read one book published this year....oh, I shouldn't be happy about this, should I? *I hang my head repentently* I will try better, I will. Evil Susan whispers they should maybe publish some good books during the year! Wait! the Graveyard Book! There is hope for me yet :-)