Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wishlist Wednesday: Mr. Bybee's Bookstack

My boyfriend's back and he brought more books. Some of them look pretty damn good, so after nosing through the pile, I chatted him up about his most recent purchases:

1. The Real Deadwood - John Ames. "It compares the actual town and its characters to the HBO series. What was truth and what was fiction. According to this book, the show was about half-right."

2. Abraham Lincoln: A Photographic Story Of A Life -Tonya Lee Stone. "Maybe it's for kids, but it's got a lot of good information and pictures. It's an easy read. I like the way it's put together. And it wasn't expensive -- only about five bucks."

3. The Everything Pirates Book - Barb Karg and Arjean Spaite. "I had a couple of other pirate books, and this one looked better than those. Lots of good illustrations."

4. 882 1/2 Amazing Answers To Your Questions About The Titanic -Hugh Brewster and Laurie Coulter. "I have a lot of books about the Titanic, but I figured that with this many questions and answers, I'd run across some information about it that I'd never seen before."

5. The Most Notorious Crimes In American History - Time-Life Books. "I've always liked to read about these bad characters. This book has a lot of the more recent crimes in it. I like the way it's put together. Each crime is given a concise two or three-page section."

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kookie said...

Being fascinated with all things Deadwood (the show, the place, the history), I've read the Ames book and it is pretty good. I'd say the show got history about 60% right, though. :)