Sunday, March 30, 2008

9 Countries, 9 Books and 9 Months!

"Roam if you want to/Roam around the world..." -The B-52s

Check out the Orbis Terrarum Challenge which begins April 1 and runs through the rest of 2008. To be fully challenged, the participant must read 9 books from 9 different countries during this time.

I was feeling a little over-challenged, so I hesitated to join up. Then I remembered my New Year's vow to read more books from other countries after coming up disgustingly short last year and having to endure my Tough & Cool Inner Bookworm's stinging-nettles-scorn. After that, I was chatting with Aaron, who had already signed on. He gently encouraged me to go ahead and make up my list of books. He even kindly made a suggestion when I got stalled. [OK, Aaron -- you can let go of my arm now. Ow.]

They're all novels. Here's my list, which makes no sense geographically. Just like me.

1. The Bone People (New Zealand) [this book has been hanging over my head for what? 20 years now?] FINISHED

2. Great Expectations (England) [reading this will remove some of my guilt spikes about Dickens] FINISHED

3. A Summons To Memphis (United States) [it seems slightly shameful to include a book from my own country, but unsurprising, if I may generalize about my own nationality! Reading this will help me with my own private little Pulitzer challenge I've got going on] FINISHED

4. Kafka On The Shore (Japan) [I really haven't warmed up to Murikami. I'm hoping that this book will change that]

5. Cousin Bette (France) [did I dream it, or is there a movie with Jessica Lange as the title character?]

6. The Oxford Murders (Argentina) [Aaron has slated this for the April read in his facebook book group, Bookin' Around, of which I'm a proud member] FINISHED

7. An Appointment With My Brother (South Korea) [I really want to read all the Korean literature that's available in translation] FINISHED

8. JPod (Canada) [Aaron vigorously combed the stacks at What The Book? and found this for me. I think he would've wept or struck something if I hadn't taken it home. Nice work, Aaron! I plan to work through the Coupland canon]

9. Love In The Time Of Cholera (Columbia) [I've been hoping we might choose this for BOOKLEAVES one of these months]

Okay, I'm all set! Where's my passport?


Susan said...

Hurray! You joined it too! Except that we don't share any countries, so we can't meet anywhere :-( you have a great list!

Susan said...

PS Have not read any of them. Somehow Love in the Time of Cholera hasn't made it onto any of my lists yet....and The Bone People I've been meaning to read forever, but still don't have a copy.

Eva said...

I'm going to join this one too! I just need to finish up my list first. :)

darkorpheus said...

uh, I started The Bone People last year, but I never finished it. It was a little...different.

Was Cousin Better with Jessica Lange or was it the one with Glenn Close?

Kakfa on the Shore -- oops. Hardcover still unread.

You guys have a facebook book group? Cool!

bethany (dreadlock girl) said...

welcome to the challenge! I can't wait for it to start tomorrow!
check back for Mr. linky so that we can all keep track of our journey's progress.