Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You Make My Day...Yeah, YOU!

I was tagged for this meme by both Eva and Dewey...hmmm...does this mean I can choose 20 people? I really want to! Oh, I guess I'll play by the boring! I hate to narrow my choices down to 10. It smacks of beauty pageants. Everyone on my blogroll is important to me, or they wouldn't be on my blogroll. Together we make up a wonderful community of booklovers. Ofttimes, I get nervous and itchy at the thought of all the book blogs out there that I don't know about. Yet.

1. Kookiejar makes my day because she not only reads, she's so knowledgeable about pop culture. She's the expat's lifeline when it comes to the latest regarding movies and TV shows. I don't fully understand ALL of her obsessions, but if Kookie's enthusiastic, that's good enough for me.
2. Eva makes my day because she's so bookish and bloggish and young! I've got a great feeling about the next generation of bookworms!

3. Sam Houston makes my day because he reads and blogs like a house afire and he likes country music. REAL country music, not the dull, monotonous shit that's on the airwaves right now. (How can anyone listen to that stuff? I'd rather drink muddy water and sleep in a hollow log.) Go visit Sam. He's a gentleman with taste; he'll steer you right.
4. Tara makes my day because she blogs about books and food, my other great obsession.

5. Raych makes my day because we have similar tastes in books, and I find her blogging style so comfortable, with its conversational style.
6. Ella makes my day because she's also an expat bookworm in a country where bookstores are far and few between and The Library Situation is not too good. Also, she's bright, witty and quirky. What's not to like?
7. Jeane makes my day because she blogs about a variety of books, not just the latest stuff we all covet. I get a lot of good ideas for obscure treasures to hunt for when I read her reviews.
8. Susan makes my day and has for about 3 years now! Hers was one of the first bookish blogs I found, and happily realized then that I wasn't alone in the bookworm corner of cyberspace. I admire the way she tackles challenges, her incisive reviews and her lovely first name. Finally, her blog title is my favorite form of exercise.
9. Annie makes my day because she started super-reading and super-blogging again about two seconds after she gave birth to her baby girl. I've got a great feeling about the next NEXT generation of bookworms.
10. John makes my day because he's always got some kick-ass challenges going in The Great Wednesday Compare, and he's the brains behind The Canadian Book Challenge, Eh? I admire the way he expands his horizons by reading poetry and short stories at regular intervals.
11. Dewey makes my day especially on Sundays, when she does her book coveting, and when she organizes readathons. (When's the next one, Dewey?) Her name evokes lovely and bittersweet memories of libraries and I like it that she doesn't get squeamish when I drop the occasional f-bomb into my blog.
12. Aaron has been making my day since last fall when he showed up at the coffee shop and became a member of BOOKLEAVES. He's a valuable resource when I have questions about Canadian literature, and when I want to borrow books or DVDs from him. Let loose in a bookstore, his nearly unrestrained book lust is a delight to behold. It's really peculiar -- the 2 biggest bookworms I've met in Korea have both been guys. (Alas -- Pablo, my bookishly convivial ex-co-worker has no blog!)

Oh, right...10 people that make my day. I've got 12 here. Well, my secret's out: I can't count. My math skills are remedial at best. C'mon -- did you really think I majored in English solely because I like to read?


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Jeane said...

My heart felt so warmed when I read this post! Thanks so much for for the compliment.

kookie said...

Aww, thanks Bybee. You make my day in two different ways..

when you write a new post...whether it's about books or something else.

when you comment on my silly blog...your comments are always insightful and/or entertaining in their own right.

You are one of the reasons I continue to blog. :D Thanks.

Tara said...

Oh my goodness, I'm really touched. Thanks so much. And I'm having fun with a few of your links, as well!

Dewey said...

I never noticed you dropping an f-bomb! As for the readathon, I don't know, it was going to be annual, but I might just go ahead and do one this summer.

Some of your people make my day, too, and I'll go visit the ones I don't know

Eva said...

Aww-thanks so much. :) *goes about humming to herself* I have to admit, I was tempted to think that every time I got picked I could pick ten more people as well! But I decided that would end up being silly, lol.

SFP said...

Thank you so much, Bybee. It's not the greatest of weeks, so it does my heart good to know I've made your day.

Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks for giving me all these new book blogs to check out!!

Sam said...

Thanks so much, bybee, for including me in your "expanded" list of 10. :-)

I don't comment as often as I should as I make my way around the book blog world everyday, but I'm a regular reader here and of several of those blogs you listed.

I need to figure out how to get by on no sleep...

Bybee said...

No, you guys -- thank YOU for being such great bloggers!