Saturday, September 15, 2007

October 20th Readathon

Great news! Dewey is hosting a 24-hour Read-a-thon. The fun begins at 2 pm GMT on October 20th, 2007. Visit The Hidden Side Of A Leaf to find out how to sign up as well as other ways to contribute to this very cool event. In addition, the wise Dewey has suggestions about what and how to read so you don't suffer from (sad but true -- it could happen) reader burnout.

Speaking of burnout, I've been tapped (but it feels more like bludgeoned) to teach elementary schoolchildren every other Saturday. I looked at my calendar and Whoo! To my relief, October 20th is a childfree Saturday. Ironically, I'll probably be reading some of the juvenile stuff I've been stockpiling.

October 20th will be the day that I crack open that fresh bottle of Visine I brought from the States. Chilled cucumber slices might also be nice...for my eyes, but I also like them for munching. (There's a delicious mixture of mashed soybeans and red pepper paste that they sell over here, and it makes a wonderful dip that's also nicely thick, so there's almost no danger of dip-drip if (!) I decide to combine reading and eating.)

What to wear? What to read? This is going to be so much fun...I hope Dewey gets a huge turnout!


Sam said...

This is really tempting...but I'm afraid that I'd wimp out, fall asleep and wake up 12 hours later.

I'm off to take a look at the rules. Thanks for the heads up.

Eva said...

I'm going to be a reader as well! Hadn't thught about what I'd wear. :) Definitely my pair of guy's flannel pj pants, though!

Dewey said...

Ha ha, what to wear. I suggest pajamas, too! Glad you're joining in.

Teaching on Saturday now, too! Don't you already have 28 or so hours teaching just on Monday alone???

Unknown said...

Sounds exciting!!! However... tragically, I always have classes on Saturdays =( just my luck...

Sorry you had to miss this meeting. Tell me Susan, time wise, what time is good for you? I put up 1pm but if that's too early for you I'll change it, which is fine by me.. and besides we did meet at 4pm, originally. Oh, my blog for the book club is up and about I've added a notice board so people can see when and where we're meeting and what book we're reading for the meeting.


kookie said...

You can't read with cucumber slices on your eyes!

Bybee said...

That's ok. If you start early, like in my time zone, you can sleep 14-15 hours, and begin the fun in your time zone!

I was thinking pjs as well, but the computer's in my office, and the students might stare if I went across campus dressed that way.

If the Koreans had it their way, we'd be working all of our waking hours all seven days of the week. I'd have a lot more money if I didn't enjoy down time so much.

Not a problem, because the fun kicks off in a different time zone. You should be done with work by then!

Re Book group: I'm trying to arrange for book group meeting weekends to be spent in Seoul. (Mostly for a change of scenery which I deserve so richly, damnit!) If I'm already in town, 1 pm is not too early for me.

I like your blog and have linked it on mine.

Good point about the cucumber slices...but what if I slice 'em reallllllly thin?

Booklogged said...

Bybee, what time does the challenge start in Korea? We're working on our gutted out basement and don't think I'll be able to read much that day. I am going to be cheerleading at 9 pm Mountain time.

Bybee said...

The challenge will kick off at 11 pm October 20th in Korea, which means that it'll be mostly on the 21st for me. I'll probably have to tweak my reading times a little!