Friday, May 25, 2007

Leaving Home: 2007

Yo! My name is Liz & you know I am a poet
I'm in love with Bob & now he's gonna know it
'Cause I counted up the ways & soon I'm gonna show it
Bob's a damn poet too so I hope I don't blow it
Hell, Bob's my poetry man & his monologues got might
& he told me in a letter we're gonna run off tonight
we're gonna go out the window & take off free
we're gonna grab my dog & catch a boat to Italy
my daddy said to dump him but I'm sayin: Daddy, please!
Quit the shit like you're Mr. T Rex
I ain't got no Electra Complex
I'm fuckin tired of your pronouncements
count this as your announcement
the middle finger on my hand
You know that line you drew in the sand?
My foot rubbed that damn thing out &
screw you! Tomorrow, I'll be in a foreign land
so you better check this message from the Portuguese!

1 comment:

Dewey said...

Ha ha, wow, that was... adorable? What's the word for hilarious and sweet at the same time? :)

I was thrilled to see your comment and find out that my post helped you be able to "hear" Kerouac's voice as you read! I only threw up that youtube as an afterthought, to sort of illustrate what I said about his reading of his own work in that video. Now I'm glad I did!