Thursday, March 01, 2007

Rhymes With Theme, Not Them

I could get used to this meme stuff, except for one thing: Now that I've learned how to pronounce it properly, my brain doesn't want to accept the fact that meme rhymes with theme. I see the word and want to pronounce it to rhyme with them.

Enough of that. On with the meme! Meeem. Meeem.

1. On average, how many books do you read in a month? 4-5

2. On average, how many books do you read in a year? Doing the math (ew!), it comes out to about 56.6 books.

3. How many books have you read in the last 5 years? 283

4. How many books have you read in the last 10 years? 454. I thought that number would be higher, but for a couple of years, when I was in graduate school, my totals for the year fell into the 20s.

In other news:
I'm so excited -- Mom read a novel! It's called Outsider by Diana Palmer. She said that she "lived every minute of it" and that the sex scenes were really graphic. She mentioned the sex stuff in two different phone calls, so now I'm slightly curious, though skeptical. Since 1982, I've found nothing to even remotely rival that really long and really graphic sex scene in Endless Love. Anyway, Mom's sending the book to South Korea for me to enjoy. She thinks that it's probably not my taste, but if she read it, I feel compelled to. My mom, the bookworm? After all these years, maybe it's finally going to happen! Here we are last summer, bonding at our favorite pizza joint, Calgaro's, in Cole Camp, Missouri.

One last thing:
Is anyone else having a problem accessing The Superfast Reader's blog (Reading Is My Superpower)? For the past few days, everytime I visit the page, there's some annoying pop-up message "stack overflow at line 1487" on the page, then the whole thing freezes up and I have to restart my computer. This has me in a slightly pouty mode, because I can see a bunch of terrific new blog entries on that page, but I can't get to them. $%!#


lazy cow said...

Ah yes, that sex scene in Endless Love. It is burned on my brain. Sharkey's Machine is another book that we all huddled over in the school library, it was HOT. That's why I don't like graphic sex scenes in novels any more - all burnt out in my teens reading Harold Robbins and his ilk.

Bookfool said...

Hmm, I think you're thinking in French on the word "meme". I had to unlearn the pronunciation, as well, after I figured out the truth. Life is hard.

Wow, I could never answer that question about how many books I've read in the last 10 years. I started writing down the titles/authors on my monthly calendars sometime in the 90's, but I'm too chaotic to bother keeping them all in one place. I'm impressed with your organization!

kookie said...

I got through to Reading is my Superpower. Try it again.

Anonymous said...
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MissMiller said...

Whoah-that's possibly the longest comment in the history of long comments. I had the same problem with Reading is My Superpower too when I was trying to access it via your last post.

It is so exciting when someone entirely unbookish begins reading. I brought my mum a novel for Christmas which she teared through. Since then, she's read another two books. Who would have thought. Perhaps I've broken a lifelong reading hiatus?

thewriterslife said...

Whoa...that certainly was a long post up there! LOL...I'll definitely try to be a little briefer. I hate to contact you this way but I can't find your email on here anywhere. I represent Marilyn Celeste Morris, author of "Once a Brat," and I was wondering if you would consider becoming a part of her virtual book tour. Too much to go into now, but you can email me at I read somewhere on your blog about you being an army brat? This is the reason I'm asking...your blog would be a perfect stop on her tour. Email me for more information if you're interested. ;o)

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Anonymous said...

Your post made me laugh - I want to pronounce it to rhyme with meme, too (and in fact still do so in my head). Meeeeeeem - just doesn't sound right!

Anonymous said...

Oops, that should have said, to rhyme with 'them' - that's what I get for making a post way past my bedtime!

MissMiller said...

dorothy, that was great entertainment! and bybee, where have you gone? hope you are ok...

nessie said...

Ive been lookign fro you. I moved! And lost your address. Can you email it to me. i have a biiiig IOU that I need to send ;)

Keetha said...

Funny, I always pronounce it like it rhymes with "mimi." Now I've got to unlearn that, too...

Anonymous said...

Have you read The Sun Also Rises" by Ernest Hemingway ? Great writer and a great novel.

Bybee said...

I didn't know about Sharkey's

It took me years to get organized, but when I finally did, it was fun. But there were a lot of false starts.

I'm finally able to read Superpower again. Yay!

OMG, that comment was so long, I just feel like groaning aloud!

Lit Acquisitionist,
I gave my mom a copy of The Glass Castle for her birthday. I hope she reads it. I think she'd like it.

It sounds like a great book. I'd like to be part of the virtual book tour. I'm proud of my army brat roots!

Yeah, it'll always be "mem" to me!

I like mimi better! Let's start a trend!

I'm a big Hemingway fan.

You don't have to send me anything. I didn't do that for gain, only to help you out.