Monday, May 09, 2005

And when the year has ended...

During the month of April, I bought 7 books:

1. Quicksand (novel) -Nella Larsen
2. Passing (novel) -Nella Larsen
3. Notes From A Small Island (nonfiction) -Bill Bryson
4. Blue Diary (novel) -Alice Hoffman
5. The Great Brain (juv. novel) - John D. Fitzgerald
6. A picture book about animals for my students
7. I'm A Stranger Here Myself (nonfiction) -Bill Bryson

I'm a little stunned by the volume, but it's well under 2 digits and 7 is nicely Biblical-sounding.

Every now and then (mostly then) I feel the strong need to do a little math, and I figured that if I bought 7 books every month till the end of the year, I'll have 56 books!


I feel a mixture of three things:
1) a certain respect and awe regarding my book lust
2) a pleasant sensation, thinking of all those books piled up & overtaking my tiny room
3) an excited curiosity, wondering what exactly those books will be. What authors will I discover before the year is over? How many happy finds?

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