Thursday, August 05, 2004

Word Freak

I've been playing a lot of internet Scrabble lately, and it shows. Scrabble playing goes up, reading goes down and blogging about reading goes WAY down.

There are two books that play in my head constantly right now: NICKEL AND DIMED and FAST FOOD NATION. Unfortunately, they play while I'm at work, working my current job at a popular fast food chain restaurant. I shouldn't say unfortunately. I'd rather have them in my head than just being there alone with nothing to occupy me but the work and the %$#& customers.

I have a To-Be-Read mountain of books, but I'm thinking of rereading WORD FREAK by Stephen Fatsis, which is about Scrabble tournament players, and how the author goes from a living room champ to a Scrabble tournament champ in about a year.

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